Marina Alefosio

Spoken Word

Marina Alefosio is a New Zealand born Samoan mother, spoken word artist and facilitator based in South Auckland...

Bronson Price


Bronson Price (stage name MeloDownz aka Bron-$un) is an urban poet/MC and creative practitioner from Auckland...

Lucie Feenstra


Lucie Feenstra’s dream is to create spaces where people can forget about everyday stresses and be in a state of flow...

Adus Smith

Movement & Dance

Adus reckons that “we're always dancing, we just don't always know it - even when we're attempting being still.” 

Chewy Wilson


Chewy has been playing drums for over 15 years and has a huge passion for all kinds of music, especially world music...

Chris Ryan

Visual Arts

Chris’ ancestral roots are in Samoa and Ireland. Growing up in the South Waikato he was fortunate to have awesome art teachers who believed in him, his ideas and potential...

Asha Munn

Visual Arts

Asha grew up in Northland, and she has lived in England for 13 years working as an artist and art therapist...

Tricia Hall

Visual Arts

Tricia is an artist and writer and possibly Batman (just saying that you never saw her and Batman in the same room)...

Melinda Butt

Visual Arts

Melinda is an artist who expresses herself through an eclectic range of mediums...